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Concrete Sealers


Fossi Concrete’s penetrating hydrophobic concrete sealer protects concrete surfaces from water penetration that causes staining, growth of mold, and other potential damages. Our team of experts carefully review the existing condition of your concrete and provide a solution with our penetrating hydrophobic concrete sealer.

Maintaining Concrete Floors

The reason your concrete is not looking it’s best is because you probably haven’t had it sealed in years. A good test is to pour some water on it. If your concrete darkens, absorbs water, and turns brown, it’s unsealed. The longevity of your concrete is improved by applying a quality penetrating concrete sealer.

Our Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Unlike acrylic sealers that form a film on the concrete surface, our penetrating concrete sealer penetrates deep into the concrete’s pores and seals the surface to protect it from all types of concrete damage without changing the appearance or texture of the concrete, while creating a clear waterproof resistant shield.